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Producer & Distributor


The Sipal adventure could not have been written without the meeting and friendship of three men united around a common passion: aromatic herbs that grow under the Moroccan sun. Sipal is first and foremost the story of a man, Jacques Fromage, passionate about and specialized in the distribution of aromatic herbs for thirty years. Always listening to the new expectations of the most demanding consumers, Jacques Fromage has built up a solid experience within large international fruit and vegetable and aromatic herb groups before deciding to create the Sipal company about ten years ago, a company entirely dedicated to the distribution of aromatic herbs.

European Company of Aromatic Plants (CMPA)

A Human Adventure

Aware of the stakes and the importance of the complete control of the supply chain from production to the consumer's plate, Jacques Fromage then decided to join forces with his friends and partners in Morocco for more than twenty years to create the production company CMPA, Compagnie Méditerranéenne des Plantes Aromatiques.

The Dream Team

In order to accompany this new page in the history of Sipal, Jacques Fromage has also surrounded himself with a dedicated sales team with a passion for aromatic herbs, who share the same values as he does: Quality & Excellence, Innovation and Social Commitment. Because the history of Sipal is above all a human adventure... The next page of Sipal will be written with the arrival of Jacques Fromage's daughters, because Sipal is also the adventure of a close-knit family, accompanied by a solid team of collaborators.