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Mail : j.fromage@sipal.fr
Phone : +33 (4) 68 37 26 99
332 Rue de Lis­bonne
CEED Grand Saint-Charles
66000 Per­pi­gnan
N° SIRET :  528450380

Intel­lec­tual pro­per­ty:
This web­site is the exclu­sive pro­per­ty of Sipal. It can­not be copied, repro­du­ced or used without the prior autho­ri­sa­tion of Sipal, under penal­ty of sanc­tions (Articles L. 335–2 et seq. of the French Intel­lec­tual Pro­per­ty Code).
This web­site is made avai­lable by Sipal to be vie­wed by natu­ral or legal per­sons. Such use may not be for com­mer­cial exploi­ta­tion without the express writ­ten consent of Sipal.
The brands of Sipal and its part­ners, as well as the logos on this web­site, are regis­te­red tra­de­marks. Any total or par­tial repro­duc­tion of these brands or logos from the ele­ments of this web­site is pro­hi­bi­ted in accor­dance with Article L. 713–2 of the French Intel­lec­tual Pro­per­ty Code.

Data pro­tec­tion poli­cy:
Any infor­ma­tion pro­vi­ded by the user via the forms on this web­site is requi­red for admi­nis­tra­tive mana­ge­ment pur­poses and is for inter­nal use only.
Data col­lec­ted through the contact forms are pro­ces­sed elec­tro­ni­cal­ly by Sipal sole­ly for the pur­pose of hand­ling the sender’s request.
Per­so­nal data col­lec­ted in this way will under no cir­cum­stances be trans­fer­red or sold to a third par­ty.
In accor­dance with the law, users have the right to access, modi­fy and delete their data. Users can exer­cise this right by sen­ding an email to j.fromage@sipal.fr.
Web­site users must com­ply with the pro­vi­sions of French Act No. 78–17 and any vio­la­tions may be sub­ject to cri­mi­nal sanc­tions.  In par­ti­cu­lar, users must refrain from col­lec­ting, misu­sing or acting in any way with regard to any per­so­nal data to which they may have access that may infringe on the pri­va­cy or repu­ta­tion of ano­ther individual.

This web­site may contain links to exter­nal sites that are pro­vi­ded for infor­ma­tio­nal pur­poses only. These web­sites are not under Sipal’s control and the com­pa­ny can­not be held res­pon­sible for their avai­la­bi­li­ty or infor­ma­tion they may publish.
These web­sites have their own terms of use and data pro­tec­tion poli­cies.
The crea­tion of a hyper­text link that redi­rects to the Sipal com­pa­ny web­site is sub­ject to prior and express writ­ten autho­ri­sa­tion from Sipal (please contact j.fromage@sipal.fr).
The crea­tion of a deep link towards one or seve­ral of the Sipal com­pa­ny web­site pages is strict­ly forbidden.

Limi­ta­tion of lia­bi­li­ty:
Users of this web­site here­by ack­now­ledge that they have read these terms of use and agree to com­ply with them.
Sipal reserves the right to sus­pend or inter­rupt the publi­ca­tion of this web­site, without prior notice and for any rea­son it deems neces­sa­ry, without enga­ging its res­pon­si­bi­li­ty towards users.
It also reserves the right to modi­fy, without prior notice, these terms of use for any rea­son it deems neces­sa­ry. Conse­quent­ly, Sipal recom­mends that users regu­lar­ly read the legal notice on this web­site.
The infor­ma­tion contai­ned on this web­site alone shall not consti­tute a contrac­tual­ly or legal­ly bin­ding agree­ment with Sipal, which reserves the right to with­draw, modi­fy or update such infor­ma­tion at any time and without prior notice.
Users ack­now­ledge that they have the skills and resources neces­sa­ry to access and use this web­site.
They ack­now­ledge having veri­fied that the devices they are using contain no viruses and are in good wor­king condi­tion.
Sipal makes eve­ry effort to pro­vide users with avai­lable and veri­fied infor­ma­tion and/or fea­tures, but can­not be held res­pon­sible for errors, una­vai­lable fea­tures and/or the pre­sence of a virus on its web­site.
The infor­ma­tion publi­shed by Sipal is pro­vi­ded for infor­ma­tio­nal pur­poses only and does not exempt users from fur­ther consi­de­ra­tion.
Conse­quent­ly, users ack­now­ledge that they are sole­ly res­pon­sible for using this information.

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