SIPAL, certifications, guarantee of quality in production and distribution of aromatic herbs
Sipal Our quality approach


Sipal's production unit in Morocco is equipped, through the company CMPA, with a quality department where the most experienced professionals are constantly monitoring and controlling the quality of aromatic herbs and other products distributed by Sipal, in order to guarantee an irreproachable taste quality and maximum food safety.

The quality department carries out daily temperature controls on herbs and other products distributed by Sipal and works in close collaboration with the most renowned laboratories in Morocco in order to carry out phytosanitary and microbiological analyses that meet the most demanding quality standards.

Beyond the intrinsic quality of the herbs and other products developed and distributed by Sipal, Sipal is also committed to the well-being of the employees working in its CMPA production unit to ensure a caring work environment that respects the latest social standards. 

The expertise and know-how of our quality department as well as the care that we
bring to our collaborators were moreover attested with the obtaining of
GlobalGAP, GRASP, and BRC certifications.

BRC Food
IFS Glogal markets food

The expertise and know-how of our quality department
as well as the care we give to our employees
have been attested by the certifications
GlobalG.A.P, GRASP, and BRC.

We continue our efforts toobtain new certifications attesting to the quality of our products,

and optimal working conditions for all our employees.

We are currently in the process of obtaining IFS / SMETA certification, with more to come here.